Letter to mercy

Letter to mercy

It was like there was nothing in this life that could connect us again as many things turns to fall apart. 

The more i tried to get to you,  many forces pulled me back, still I could see your hands waiting for me to stretch back and touch you.

You were so exceptional and unique in your description that many times, I lost counts of telling how romantic you are 

You who gave me your all and never bordered what tongues wagged.
You who brought the hope of my finance to limelight.
You who saw my ragged garment and embraced me like I was clothed in purple apparel
You who washed my feet and dried it with your costly oil..
You who never thought of my weight but backed me without my feet reaching the earth,
You,  I mean you,  like yes you,  exactly you that gave me reasons to be your lover and friend…

I love you and thank you for being MYALL

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