A Box of rotten tomatoes

A Box of rotten tomatoes.

I’ve taken time to reflect on life, to reflect on the pains that have cut me like a knife So deep that it developed into a strife.
What should I tell my gangs…that my love have left me to the rags and kept my heartBleeding to the banks
What should I tell the nights that the love of my lifeLeft me to tears through sleepless nights That the very sleepHave gone at the very sights
What should I tell PoetryThat the very inspiration behind my poetryHave gone Even though I thought it’s imaginary

Tell Me Ijele…that the secret smiles Behind my face Have gone a million miles Making tears cover the face once filled with smiles
What should I tell Saint ValentineThat the Love of CelestineDied before the day of Valentine
A Box of Rotten tomatoesThat was once filled with fresh TomatoesIs the sorry tale of My Love life

Written By Johnkennedy Uzoechi(SirJohn)


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