For the past one month, I’ve had friends who have lost their loved ones, I’ve heard stories of people loosing their loved ones and I bleed deep inside. I bleed because I know what it means loosing a loved one, and I know the pain is unbearable and difficult to come to terms with.

Sometimes it’s like a dream, and you wish you would just wanted wake up to find out it’s a dream. But the irony is that, it was never a dream but the reality. And the reality that they’re gone and never to come back.

Sometimes we may not feel it at first, because we would have friends rallying around us just before the burial. Everywhere so busy, but after burial comes the real pain. Do you know why? Those people would leave us with the hope that we would be strong enough to face life, the emptiness that comes with it. The house becomes empty

Sometimes when you hear the horn of a car or someone knocking, you would wish it was your loved one. Sometimes, we may never even come to term that they’re gone. Sometimes, we would miss their shouts, your stubbornness towards them, the laughter you shared with the person, those memories and you ask yourself if you can carry on.

Sometimes you put on the strong look, fake smiles and people thinks you are strong, but what they don’t see are the secret tears you shed, wetting your pillow with it. They don’t see the moment you beg God to just end your life that you can’t bear the pain anymore.

Sometimes we Blame God for what happened, we shout and call Him unfair names.
But let me tell you something. God feels your pain and He knows you are going through a lot. He sees you shedding those secret tears, He hears that heart in great pain in the camouflage of a smiling face.

He knows you are not Okay, even when the lips is telling the World that you are Okay. And He is Hands of comfort is always available. When the Bible refers to Him as the Healer, it means He can heal your pain if only you would let Him. He would never leave your side.

He is the Greatest comforter you can ever find. Cry to Him alone, pour your heart to Him alone and let Him embrace you. Trust Him to always be there for you, Trust Him to always fill the void. Trust Him for a Healing tonight.

Good Night From Your friend

Johnkennedy Uzoechi(Sir John)

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