Life is like a roller coaster

Life is like a roller coaster

You get on to ride not knowing what to expect. Its just like You’re traveling along at a slow moderate pace,when suddenly you hit a steep incline.

Life its when, You’reslowly grinding your way to the top of a mountain, struggling, trying to make thecrest in one piece.

After all the clattering andgrinding, you make it to the top. You can seethe horizon, and everything that stretchesout beyond it! WOW!When suddenly you plunge into oblivion.

Your heart races, you can hardly catch your breath. You think “o my God it’s over,I’m going to crash and die!” After this gut wrenching drop, much to your relief things slow down, just a little.You catch your breath and settle in.

When there it is in front of you, another mountainto climb, Only this one is somewhat smallerthan the first. With a bit of experience, and alittle more confidence you face the challenge, knowing that things may turn out alright.

And so it goes, challenge after challenge, things get a bit easier and maybe more fun.And hopefully you’ve learned, and hopefully you have become more confident.Things slow to a crawl, and there it is, coming up much too quickly, the end of the ride.

You contemplate all the, should haves, and would haves. And you run off in every direction at the same time.
Desperately seeking another spiritual, physical or mentalticket for another ride. You desperately wantto get in line! You desperately want to meet the challenges, with the heart of a lion and start all over again!

JUST ONE MORE RIDE!Only next time I’ll ……
As far as I can tell, we all get only one ride, So ride bravely, with your hands in the air, Meet every challenge with the heart of a lion.

This is my take Ritalian

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