Find out if you are a Choleric

Find out if you are a Choleric

Cholerics are characterized by d element of fire and animal used to symbolise them is the LION ( king of d jungle).

They are born leaders (having d leadership traits in them).

They would command their subordinates and assert their dominance using force If challenged they would respond by getting angry. They are managers, team leaders , politicians, captains and super extroverts in nature!

Strengths of a choleric

* Born leader

* Dynamic and active

* Compulsive need for change

* Must correct wrongs

* Strong-willed and decisive

* Unemotional

* Not easily discouraged* Independent and self sufficient

* Exudes confidence

Weaknesses of a choleric
Quick tempered

* Can be bossy and impatient.

* Quick tempered, cant relax and can be too impetuous.

* Enjoy controversy and arguments and wont give up whenlosing.

* Can come on too strong, are inflexible anduncomplimentary.

* Unemotional and are generally unsympathetic.

* Can dominate situations, are too busy for your family andwill often give answers too quickly.

* Impatient with perceived poor performance and have littletolerance for mistakes.

* Does not analyze details or get bogged down by trivia,often making rash decisions.

* Can be perceived as rude and tactless and can oftenmanipulate people.

* Can be demanding of others and believes that the endjustifies the means.

* Work may become the driving force in their life anddemand loyalty in the ranks(workaholics)

* Make decisions on other people’s behalf.

* Can be perceived to know everything.

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