Poor climate change affects Nigerians

Nigerians complain of heat wave.

By Gift Robinson.

The temperature of Nigeria is seriously affected by the climate changes, therefore, causing the heat level in the country to increase.

According to Lagosians, the temperature is not favourable to their health. It is seriously affecting them, both from the business angel. They pray for rain fall. Especially in Lagos that has tall buildings,all those buildings also contributes negatively to the weather.

People hardly come out to patronize them.
As a result of the heat wave in the country, residents of Lagos cry as water vendors smile. The hot climate has made individuals take more water.

Pure water vendors happily testified on the increase of patronage and also wish the heat should continue. This is the case of “one Man’s Meat is another Man’s poison”.

The country is said to have been battling with high rate of deforestation. A lot of Trees has been brought down without replacement. This is really affecting the rate of ventilation in the country.

The temperature of Lagos varries between 30 to 40°C and the only remedy to this is afforestation. Government and individuals living in the country should take drastic measure to ensure planting of trees.

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