Three Important Questions Most Singles Ask

Three Important Questions Most Singles Ask.

1. Most I get married to a lady because I mistakenly impregnated her?

The fact that you mistakenly impregnated a lady is not a yardstick to marry her if you realize both of you are not compatible and God is not leading you to her.

The relationship that exist between both of you is of the flesh and not of the spirit because it was birthed by lust. The Bible says ” that which is of the flesh is flesh and that which is of the spirit is Spirit “. Abraham never married Sarah’s servant despite she bore him a son. But you must take full responsibility of the baby and pay for every damage you cause if you want to live a curse free life.

The disadvantage of having children outside wedlock is quite numerous, some of which include; shared inheritance, enmity between the child of the covenant and the child of the bond woman etc. This is why we must strive to avoid ungodly relationships.

2. Is living together and having sex with someone you are not married to right?

This is the most common trend today especially among singles living outside the coffers of their immediate families most especially students, and corp members. Couples life among unmarried singles is becoming the order of the day. But the fact that the whole world is doing it does not make it acceptable.

The Bible says ” sex is more honourable with the bed undefiled “. Living a couples life with somebody you are not married to is destroying your feature without knowing. The society will disregard and disrespect you. And most times, the so called husband to be will still push you out, because he believes, if you can do that to him, you will as well do it to others. And if he send you out, no one will be willing to take you in, because you have already lost your value. Never devalue your self because of sex or emotions in the of marriage.

3. Why do wrong people always ask me out?

There are several reasons why wrong people always ask some folks out:

1. Your character:

Character is like magnet. It determine the kind of people you attract. The character of a man is his Glory. Good character brings honour and glory but bad character bring shame. If you want a good partner, you your self need to be good. You need to walk on your self continually. Your character is what will announce you not your anointing or wealth or your job. Your character set a limit to your success in life.

2. Your locations:

Your locations matters. You can’t be spending most of your time in bar, bear parlours, hotels, night parties and expect to get a Godly man or woman. Is not possible. You cant find Godly people in such environment. Ensure you distinct your self from the people of the world.

3. Your friends:

It is often said ” show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. The kind of people you walk with will determine the kind of suitors you attracts. It is often said, birds of the same feathers flies together”. If you claim to be a good person, what are you still doing with wrong companies. The Bible says ” what do light have with darkness “.

4. Your dressing:

It is often said, that “the way you dress will determine how you will be address”. Most Christian ladies called themselves good Christians but they always put on the attire of a prostitutes.

Some folks will even say, God does not look at the outward appearance, that’s right, but don’t forget, your outward appearance tells the world who you truly represent, either God or the devil. Most ladies are always silent when I ask them one simple question ” if Jesus were to appear to you the way you are dressed, will you accept him as your lord and personal savoir?”.

The way you will not be able to accept Jesus in the wrong dress, despite he have a good personality, so also will good people reject you for wearing the wrong dress. The way you dress authenticate your life style. And the life you live is the gospel you preach. The way you dress, determine who you attract.

The major reason why some ladies are disappointed in their relationships was because most of the men that asked them out, asked them out in a state of Lust and not love nor personal convictions, why? because of their seductive dress and this is the reason why after they have achieved their aims and objectives, they will abandon them. Your shapes, and physical beauty does not keep a man but your character does. May the lord grant us understanding in Jesus name.

God bless you

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