Vaginal Odour

Vaginal Odour

This is as a result of a post on Friday made about a wife wanting to end her marriage just because her husband chose to advised on how to take care of her smelly private part through text.

The poster is by now aware that the mode he communicated that sensitive issue with his wife was wrong. Kudos to non sentimental advices given to him.

Some were like women only paint their face and wear good clothes but forgot to take care of their private part, really! Please give us some credits.

Others were like let her go, when a man came openly that he had made a mistake and want public to help reconcile his marriage because he love his wife. All you could suggest was “let her go” Abah!

Talk about self esteem. Do you know how sensitive a woman private part is? Let me tell you if it is not well down there. It is not well with the rest of the face and the body ok.

What is it about, wash ya Vijay well, wash ya Vijay well every time. With what sand paper?

Science has proven it that tempting to douche or use a vaginal deodorant to decrease vaginal odour, or products may actually increase irritation and other vaginal symptoms.

It is a self clean oven! I repeat it is a self clean oven. All you need is clean water. Don’t kill the normal bacteria down there called flora

  1. Vaginal odour may vary throughout menstrual cycle and
  2. may be especially noticeable right after having sex.
  3. Normal sweating also can cause a vaginal odour.
  4. Bacterial vaginosis, is the most common vaginal infection that causes a vaginal odour.
  5. Trichomonias is a sexually transmitted infection also can lead to vaginal odour. Type of STD

Common causes of abnormal vaginal odour includes but not limited to:

  1. Vaginitis
  2. Poor hygiene
  3. A retained or forgotten tampon left in place for several days
  4. Rectovaginal fistula (an abnormal opening between the rectum and vagina that allows feces to leak into the vagina)
  5. Cervical cancer
  6. Vaginal cancer
  7. Just to mention few.

Generally, if you have vaginal odour without other vaginal symptoms, it’s unlikely that your vaginal odour is abnormal. If it is, pls. see a medical practitioner for vag exam, urine test, vag swab and or blood test

Please couples learn how to communicate sensitive issues among each other. One’s self esteem is utmost important. Choose better avenue and timing to do it.

Joy AdaChi

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