Pastor Isaac Oyedepo

Let me tell you – Do you know how you will know a dangerous man before you marry him, a dangerous one that you should run?

If he listens to no one, you are headed for crisis. No matter the sweet things he tells you ‘I love you baby’, it’s a lie. Let me tell you – I submit to God, my wife knows, (if I misbehave) who to call. I am not talking of my earthly father. Parents can hardly solve crisis in marriage (Parents!!). You know why? They will side their own. You’re not wise when you carry crisis to your mother, or to your father – you lack wisdom. No matter the anointing of your father, he will side you. You know why? He will say, ‘this one I trained him well’. You may have been trained well but ‘mis-trained’.

If you want crisis in family to be solved, it is not solved by family. Parents are hearing me (and I know some of you are angry), I will preach the truth. Many houses have been destroyed by their mothers.

Many houses have been destroyed their fathers. He (God) said therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and should be joined to his wife. If you still carry challenges to your father, you are a boy. I have never, for once, in 10 years of marriage, carried anything to Bishop Oyedepo to help me. 10 years!!! I am not enjoying my marriage because of where I came from, I have SENSE.

My wife knows if this man behaves, there are 2 people on earth you will call, I will correct myself. She knows and I told her from the beginning. They are not related to me but I honour them (I won’t tell you their names). Once she calls them like this (fiam…) There has never been…now you can make your husband behave from the beginning by knowing who he honours.

Your husband doesn’t honour anyone, Lady, you don’t have wisdom – I am your Pastor, I should tell you, your friend won’t tell you, I am the one to tell you (I don’t like that man, you will like me later). If it’s the truth, I will teach it without fear. If you had wisdom, some of you won’t have entered, you can see that before marriage, they are controlling him, you now marry (Do you have wisdom?).

This thing is burning me like fire, you will see before marriage, they are controlling him like this: don’t wear this to church, 25 year old, he will correct; don’t behave like this, he will correct; then he is now telling you ‘Baby, I love You’ – he doesn’t even know what love is.

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