1. They keep asking you for sex, and threatens to quite the relationship every time you say no. They’re only lusting after you. There is no condition in love.

2. They isolate you from your family andfriends. He’s the most important person in the world to you (you have no support system other than him).

3. He/she is verbally, physically, emotionally abusive.

4. He/she is very controlling.

5. They humiliates or degrades you (either publically or privately).

6. He/she is extremely jealous.

7. They’re not trusting or trustworthy.

8. He/she never encourage you towards achieving your life goals.

9. They always use these words “I” and “mine”. Instead of “we”, “us” and “ours”.

10. He/she never appreciate whatever you do. They find it hard to say these Phrase “Thank you” or “Am sorry”. They always put the blames on you, even when they are the cause of the goof.

11. When they’re good in words but poor when it comes to leading by example.

12. He is abusive towards drinks.

13. Unhealthy pattern of argument (beating and calling names).

14. They’re rude towards their parents orguidance.

15. He/she always nag.

16. He/she finds it hard to forgive you, when you offend them and ask for forgiveness.

17. They spend no quality time with you. Always busy like a phone on call.

18. You can’t identify any ways you’ve positively influenced each other. For example, you haven’t adopted any of each other’s interests or taught each other any new skills.

19. They react negatively anytime you ask of their parents, or demand meeting them.

20. He/she doesn’t make you feel good about your body; they point out your thinning hair or saggy under arm skin. They always compare you to others. They’re not loving you but managing you.

21. You don’t have a sense of relationship security—you’ve broken up or almost broken up numerous times.

22. Lack of respect.

23. You have no space for individual interest.

24. Your partner involves you in unethicalactivities, such as lying on official forms you both sign.

25. Your partner doesn’t seem interested when you experience success, or they belittle your success.

26. Lack of openness ( Always secretive).

27. Cohabitation.

28. You feel lonely when you’re together (Lack of intellectual or emotional intimacy).

29. You never turn to each other for emotional support. You look to other people first.

30. Your partner finds the things of God boring.

These are only a few signs of an unhealthy relationship, but if you recognize any of these signs in your current relationship, know that things ain’t right..

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