A 60 year old man publicly humiliated for act of rape

A 60 year old man who has the habit of  raping little girls was caught on the act and publicly humiliated.

Mr Clement Ogeyi

According to the report, Mr. Clement Ogeyi was caught red handed forcing himself on a 5 year old girl who was obviously on errand. The shouting of the little girl due to pains as he was trying to gain penetration attracted some village vigilantes who made their ways into the scene and caught him on the act. He pleaded with them to let him go, claiming it was the devil; as he was interrogated and tortured, he confessed to many crimes likewise admitting he has defiled many young girls and was not caught.

This is a married man with children but on the habit of defiling other people’s children.  Some persons among the crowd that gathered identified the paedophile, testifying that their daughters had been victims of this same Mr. Clement Ogeyi who hails from a part of Enugu state.

The Question Remains;

What can really make a sixty year old man find a 5 year old girl  sexually attractive?

Watch over your little ones and monitor where they go, avoid sending them to places they may be vulnerable as we got many paedophiles on the streets, be fully  informed now!!

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