Everything on the earth was created for a purpose. If the whole creation was not for a specific purpose then it is an empty waste. Every man has a divine assignment on the face of the earth and we must discover it if we want to fulfil destiny.

Eccl 3 v9 -10. What profit is there for the worker from that in which he labors? I have seen the task which God has given to the sons of men with which to occupy themselves.

From the above scriptures we will realize that there are divine task, and there are also man made task. But we were admonished to get engaged with our divine assignment.

What is divine purpose?
Divine purpose simply means a divine assignment. An assignment from God. The reason for our creation and existence.

The Major differences between divine purpose and ambition is that divine purpose is from God. It is selfless but ambition is from self. And it is selfish.  Every man has a divine assignment here on the face of the earth. We are sent here for a reason and task, and we must discover it in order to fulfil destiny.

Myles Monroe said “where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable“. The reason why many folks abuse their lives is because they have not discovered their purpose.

Success in life can only be measured by our divine purpose not by the things we possess. True success can only be define in the area of your purpose. In our contemporary society, the purpose of existence today is greatly define by our parents, our school, our government and even by our ambition, all these variables which define our purpose for existence are selfish in nature. This is because they lack the accurate knowledge about us.  Hence, if truly we want to fulfil destiny, we must go back to the creator of our lives.

How do I discover my God ordained purpose? What are the pointers to my divine destiny?

1. By Revelation: This is a divine unfolding of mysteries and secret. We receive this via the following areas: through dreams, visions, word of knowledge, inward witness, inward knowing or conviction, an Audible voice, or through a still small voice.

2. By deep spiritual burdens: Not everybody hard a voice. Some discovered their purpose via a burden in their Spirit. E.g T.L Orsbon, never had a voice of God calling him into ministry, he only have a burden for souls. Matthew Ashimolowo never had the voice of God before he entered ministry. An evangelist only said to him, I perceived that you have a calling into the ministry, and he obeyed.

3. By your gifts and potentials: most times our gifts and potentials are indication or pointers to our dreams. The Bible says the gift of a man maketh room for him, he shall bring him before kings and not mere men. Although, you can determine whether to serve God with your gift or not. But know that he created you to serve Him and your generation with your gifts. Myles Monroe said “your gift is a debt you own your generation”.

4. What you love doing that gives you joy, inner peace, passion, happiness and inner fulfilment: You can never be fulfilled outside the areas of your purpose. There is these joy that can only be obtainable in the area of your dream.

At this point, I will love to differentiate between our purpose and our Job.

Our job is what we are paid for or what we do for others for the sake of money. But our purpose is our divine work, and assignment. We don’t do it for the purpose of money. We do it because it is a mandate from God and it is a source of joy and peace. Although, am not saying, your gifts won’t be a source of   blessing to you. All am saying is that the purpose of you doing it is not money. But is because if the fulfilment you find in doing it.

Beloved, have you discovered your purpose? If yes, are you doing it or are you preparing for it? Only in your purpose will the father be glorified.


From the beginning, we said the differences between purpose and ambition is self. The book of Eccl 3 v9 -10. Says *What profit is there for the worker from that in which he labors?* 10 *I have seen the task which God has given to the sons of men with which to occupy themselves.*

Many folks get engaged or occupied with works that is not from God. The above book said we should only labour for that divine assignment and task. Therefore, I will advice that you first die to self. That’s the greatest enemy of our divine assignment. I love acting, but I was called to preach, so my ambition have to die for my purpose to be materialized. Any job outside your purpose has no eternal reward.

We must understand that at the initial stage of your purpose, so many people will think you are crazy. Many of your friends and love ones will leave you. Your parents will criticise you. But you must be strong and of good courage. Join the right company of friends, they will always motivate you.

At the initial stage of my calling, my parents were my first antagonist even though they were born again Christians. You will surely be persecuted for your divine purpose. And until the purpose of your heart is stronger than the pains of your body, be ready for failure.

Isaac Theophilus
Believers school of Exploits

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