Man dies after accidentally shooting himself

Man dies after accidentally shooting himself

A young man who missed his target with the use of a gun has mistakingly shot himself and died in London on Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses have reported the case to media base on what they witnessed. A woman said she saw the young man trying to shoot someone else but hurt himself by the bullet.

According to her “the guy who was aimed by the victim was taking note of the victims (young man) action”. She also said that the dead man has been lifeless for over 3 hours.

A trader who was also a witness reported that a squad sitting in a car by the bank and a big guy approached them with a shotgun. Then they all left the car and quickly ran away while the guy mistakingly pulled the trigger and shot himself as he was breaking down thethe car’s window.

That was what he could say base on how he was told. The story of the incident has been trending in the area with various details on how it happened.

The case has been further taken to the police, although they have not arrested anyone so far in the case, they are still making effort to get to the root of the matter.

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