Robert Mugabe’s burial has been announced

Robert Mugabe's burial has been announced

According to Zimbabwe’s government, the funeral would commence on September 14th whilethe burial ceremony would hold the next day.

There is a friction between late Mugabe’s family and the Zanu PF party over its decision to previous leader in a cemetery for the heroes of the liberation war in the capital.

One of Late Muguba’s sons, Leo, is incharge of the burial preparation. He told the Telegraph that he is having conversation with the village chief over the final site for the burial.

This is because the government has not announced the location of the burial ceremony.

The government only assured the mass that the funeral would hold at Harare Ntaional Sport Stadium on Saturday which is the 14th of September but yet to define the location of the next day ceremony.

Leo concluded that he has the believe that his Uncle, late Mr Mugabe would be put in ground at Heroe’s Acre.

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