Armed Bandits Attack Niger Village

Armed Bandits Attack Niger Village

The Niger State Emergency Management Agency has confirmed bobbery in Kokoki village, Shiroro LGA area of Niger State.

The NSEMA head states that the robbers that attacked the village denied the people of their properties such as clothing materials, money, took over their livestock and performed other unpleasant forceful acts.

Director General Ahmed Inga spoke with Channels television on phone that he got information from the village that robbers forcefully attacked them (the villagers) with gunshot which scared them and weakened their retaliations.

He also also added, saying “the villagers have been sackedfrom their village and homes thereby denying them of their rights.

The villagers have been suffering from pains and in agony. “They have been tortured to the extent that some are being oblivious”.

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It is observed that they have ran out of their homes and village thereby finding refuge in bushes and crossing rivers just to stay out of thetorture.

Mr Inga also stated that some of the villagers have used a school at Kagara in Rafi LGA of Niger State as their temporal home. Despite the ongoing reports, the robbers are still making bad efforts by stealing the people’s belonging.

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