For all the married and singles:

Written by Coach Joshua

A few reactions to my two last posts prompted the writing of this very article. As I read through a few comments from my friends and fans, I observed with sadness the wrong ideology of marriage some persons have. These persons are of the opinion that suggests that marriage is some form of slavery.

Marriage is not slavery. Marriage is not punishment. Marriage is not bondage. Marriage is not torture. Marriage is bliss. It’s enjoyment. It’s fun. Marriage is sweet. So forget about the bad ones you have had or witnessed. Not all marriages are hell. Please understand that.

The Bible teaches that marriage is good (Proverbs 18:22) provided you be a good person in it and find another good person. It’s the two good spouses in it that makes marriage a good thing. People always think it’s God that will make their marriage good. No, it’s not God but you. God provides us the solid foundation, but how your marriage will look like (heaven-on- earth or hell experience) is your business, not his. So marriage is what the two spouses involved make out of it.

Enjoying marriage starts with having the right knowledge about marriage as well as a personality that it will require. Because nobody enjoys a marriage they know nothing about. It’s what we know about marriage that will show at the end of the day.

Because marriage is a very serious thing and that it’s for a lifetime, it should be entered with love and joy, and not through coercion, force, threat, intimidation or mistakes. The two spouses are to enter it after a consensual agreement with each other, an not just with the parental consent. As very important as parental consent is, however, without the two lovers agreeing and deciding to settle down in marriage, that union is headed for disaster. Dear singles, if you don’t love someone enough to marry them, please don’t. Marriage is not slavery. It’s not by force. It’s meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

Sometime ago a single lady told me how her family was forcing her to marry a man who is monster in behaviour, abusive, debasing and a batterer. When she told them her experience with the guys as they dated, they told her that she must marry that man whether she likes it or not. She refused and informed me of her intention to run away from home. What a family!

Single friends, I want you to know that it is your OWN life. Your decision to marry someone or not is more important than your parents’ because it’s your own life and that at the end of the day you will be the one to live with the consequences whether positive or negative. A word is enough for the wise.

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