For all the single ladies and gentlemen

Written by Coach Joshua

Some singles won’t stop surprising me with their immature behaviour. I have seen many single ladies have crises with their fiancés on the issue of pre-wedding photos they would like to post on Facebook or Instagram.

Having pre-wedding photos is very good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s all part of the fun, alright? However, it comes at a financial cost. Depending on the different clothes you will wear, the class of the photographer, his profile and the locations you intend to have those shots, the price varies from N10,000- to as much as N50,000 or even more.

Especially for people wanting to marry with a very, very little budget, I am not sure it will be wise for you to part with money just to come impress people on social media. Who cares whether you did pre-wedding photos or not on social media? Why the unnecessary stress? Pre-wedding photos or not, doesn’t guarantee success in marriage. Please understand that.

When I wedded a few years ago, my wife and I didn’t do or post any pre-wedding photos on any social media platform. We didn’t have the money for that. And my wife to be then was very fine. Heaven didn’t fall over my head because I couldn’t give her pre-wedding photos like the other ladies. She understood I didn’t have money for that so she let me be.

A lot of ladies are very immature about the way they handle their love relationship and by extension life generally. Many of them won’t mind their fiancés taking loans to finance their wedding ceremony. For God’s sake, how can you make your fiancé take loan to finance your wedding ceremony? That’s unwise.

Sadly, in this part of the world, the subject money is often poorly understood hence the often seen poor handling of money. Money is not meant to be wasted but be grown. It’s unwise to borrow to finance a wedding ceremony. Borrowing shows that you overshot your personal income.

Honestly, pre-wedding photos shouldn’t cause issues between you and your fiancé. If you don’t have money for that, please be reasonable and understanding enough to let it go. Pre-wedding photos are just for the fun of it, and if you can’t afford it, don’t be miserable. Be fine and happy.

To all the single guys hear this truth today: during wedding preparation, please be sensitive and don’t let emotions becloud your good judgement. Don’t let your woman put you into debt for any reason. You don’t need to be indebted to wed. Please plan and make do of what you have now. If she insists on a particular wedding that will force you to go borrow to finance it, YOU MAY HAVE TO CANCEL THAT WEDDING AND CALL OFF THE RELATIONSHIP. Ladies who refuse to be reasonable during wedding preparation won’t be reasonable in marriage. That’s a sign you should not ignore.

I love my wife like KILODE. But if she had stressed me up financially during our wedding preparation, trust me, I would have canceled the wedding and ended the relationship immediately. I can’t have N300,000 in my account and you’re telling me to give you a wedding ceremony of N1,000,000. KILODE, do you want to kill me or what? Where and how do you expect me to raise the other N700,000?

No woman should send to borrow to impress people and massage her personal ego? M ba nu, not Joshua. Thanks be to God, my wife is a true daughter of Zion. We made do of what we had. Little wedding with a few guests. But by the grace of God we are having a great marriage; that’s the most important thing. Ladies, pre-wedding photos or not, please go ahead and wed. Stop heating up your relationship because of issues that don’t add anything to your life. A word is enough for the wise.

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