Ninow to be sentenced to jail for rape.

According to report, the act was done in the bathroom of Dros restaurant found in Pretoria, where Ninow followed the tender girl to the bathroom and forcefully had oral sex with the victim and also dipped his fingers into her vagina.The State confirmed a kidnapping act by Ninow.

However he pleaded that he was not guilty of the wrong act of rape and also pleaded that the case be forgotten but, his appeal was not accepted.

The suspect has been brought to Pretoria High Court for two cases of rape although he pleaded of not being involved in the act of the rape.

16th of September has been the deal day in the court. Judge Pap Mosopa has gotten three different rape result on different cases.

Judge Mosopa said Ninow filmed the victim while she was having fun, followed her to the bathroom and raped her.”You will be sentenced to jail on 16th of October 2019″ the judge said to the accused.

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