For all the married and single ladies and gentlemen:

Written by Coach Joshua

Marriage wasn’t started by man. No race, country or civilization can claim its initiative. God is the brain behind it. He was the one who invented it and conducted the first marriage on earth between Adam and Eve (see Genesis 2:18; Genesis 1:26-28).

Marriage is God’s invention and no one can know better than its inventor. Marriage is God’s product and no product can be best maximized without its proper use as stipulated in its manual. Since marriage is God’s invention, does it have its manual? The answer is YES.

God’s manual and final authority on marriage is the holy book called the Bible. Getting married and not applying the manual in one’s marriage will not result in a blissful marriage. Knowing what the Bible teaches on marriage as well as applying its principles religiously is key to achieving a successful marriage. That’s the way to bringing God into one’s home. Many people have often thought that to bring or involve God into one’s marriage is by praying or singing songs unto God. That’s great. But that’s not what it means. When you apply your heart to doing what God instructs in his word you have brought God into your home and in fact, you will pray less. Most times we think that prayer can substitute obedience. Obedience is key to a great walk with God.

Now let’s briefly look at the four cardinal reasons why God instituted marriage.

1. For companionship (friendship):

God saw that man was alone. He had no partner of same likeness. He had no one to communicate with emotionally and intimately. So God created a woman and wedded them (Genesis 2:18-25). Friendship is the first identified reason why God instituted marriage. Please marry for friendship and while in marriage remain friends and not just husband and wife or master and maid/slave.

2. For partnership:

In marriage a wife comes to partner her husband. God expects both of them to form a synergy on all fronts. They’re to partner spiritually, emotionally, financially or materially. They’re not competitors or enemies. It’s anti-marriage for one spouse not to know what the other partner is doing financially or materially. In marriage both spouses are to be partners in progress (see Genesis 2:18).

3. For sexual pleasure:

Marriage is the only place or platform where sexual activities should be carried out. God designed our sex organs and expects us to enjoy sex to the fullest. Real sex is when both spouses are actively involved in it. It’s not a one-man show. A couple can only achieve a fulfilling sex life when they engage in a pleasurable sexual adventure. Please make your sex an unforgettable experience for both of you (Genesis 4:1-5) .

4. For childbearing:

The fourth identified reason why God instituted marriage is for childbearing (Genesis 4:1-5). Couples are expected to have children. But in most parts of Africa, this fourth reason for marrying is often placed as the first. That isn’t good enough. I must also add that due to some medical conditions or health challenges or even spiritual attacks this fourth reason for marrying may not be actualized on time. Hence patience, moral support, words of encouragement, medical interventions and prayers should be done. A husband who abandons his wife, divorces his wife or marries a second wife during a challenge with childbirth is not a good husband and his little love level for his wife has been exposed. That’s unfortunate!

You see, marriage is truly a beautiful thing. When we lead it as taught in God’s word we will achieve marital satisfaction and success. Great books on marriage may have been written to help our marital experience and great relationship/marriage counselors may be there to help out, however, God’s word remains the highest and final authority on marriage.

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