Federal University Of Technology Riot (photos)

Federal University Of Technology Riots

Written by Daniel Chigbogu

The daily parking and taking off has resulted to accident on 26th September, by one of the tankers, the tanker driver hit a popular student of the school, known as DJ Murphy.

He was rushed to the hospital. Federal University Of Technology Minna Niger State was said to began riot on the 26th of September in Gidan Kwanu Campus.

Other students of the school became angry and began violence with the tanker drivers by damaging the windscreens of the trailers and tankers parked at the Campus front (Gidan Kwano highway).

The next morning (27th September), the tanker drivers reacted to the violence acts done by the students of the Campus. They ganged up with some of the youths in Gidan Kwano village and attacked the campus, they almost invaded the school premises to harm the students and destroy some of the school facilities but the school security refused. It caused crisis at the school gate. School activities were suspended.

The case became very serious to the extent that students rides were burnt, the campus security room (office) was also burnt.

The ugly acts attracted the State security agencies to be involved for the purpose of peace and calmness in the area. It was letter confirmed that DJ Murphy survived the accident and has been in the custody of medical personnel.

The state security has been able to restore peace and steady calmness in the area. Federal University Of Technology Minna has called back school activities to begin on the 30th September.

Tanker and trailer drivers passing through Minna Niger State are mostly limited from operating during the day, they park their long vehicles atMinna out sketch against night travelling. Gidan Kwanu highway is one of the places where drivers park (at the campus front).

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