Today’s Health Tips



1. When was the last time you visited your DOCTOR?

2. Why is Regular Full Body Checkup a Must for you?

3. Do you get a health Checkup done regularly?

You may be wondering why you should visit the doctor if you are feeling fine. One-third of all heart attack victims have no warning. People often wait until there is a crisis before calling the doctor, but in many cases early detection of a health issue save lives.

A stroke can be caused by a blockage. If you have regular checkups, your doctor can detect symptoms of high cholesterol and prescribe medicine to prevent the stroke.

High blood pressure is another health condition that can sneak up on you. It can be easily detected during your regular check up. People who are overweight, smoke, drink, or do not exercise are at even greater risk of developing certain conditions.

Sometimes genetics can play a big role in how quickly certain conditions can develop. Regular checkups can detect conditions early, and possibly save your life.

Most people think that they are fit enough and do not require undergoing an extensive checkup while others are just too busy to squeeze in time to get a checkup done.

Regular visits to your doctor can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Health checks should not be reserved for when you are feeling sick/unwell.

Some symptoms such as high blood pressure may not produce any obvious physical symptoms, however early detection and treatment can help ensure that your heart remains healthy and that your risk of heart disease or stroke are greatly reduced.

The Advantages

1. Provide opportunity to assess your health status and risk factors.

2. Identify and treats illness at an early stage.

3. Initiate counseling, lifestyle modification and other appropriate intervention which may reduce the risk of heart diseases.

4. Promote healthy lifestyle.

5. Help you to keep the best health conditions. PREVENTION is better than CURE.

Reasons why you should opt for a COMPREHENSIVE full body checkup done at least 3 times a year.




It is time you get more health conscious and begin by getting a full body DIAGNOSIS done right away.

There are several full body checkup packages.Look for one that is authentic, see all what it covers and compare the prices before opting for it.

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