To all the married and single women:

Written by Coach Joshua

Sometimes in marriage, disputes over issues may arise, and the tempers may flare up causing disharmony or even disaffection. In some cases there could be some breakdown in communication. However, one thing that should not happen is starving one’s spouse of sex in order to get back at them.

During marital issues sex starvation is never the best weapon to getting back at one’s spouse. It’s a big mistake to make. I have seen many couples deprive their spouses of sex for days, weeks or even months because they’re angry or trying to drive home their stand on some burning issues in their marriage. Friends, that’s sheer wickedness.

Many African wives are fond of depriving their husbands of sex especially when financial issues come up. While sometimes that seems to help their selfish cause, however, the method isn’t ideal at all. Starving one’s spouse of sex for a period of time could open a door for the devil to come into that marriage. Please understand that.

In times of marital conflicts don’t fight, communicate. Talk things over with your spouse. That’s the way forward.

No matter how pained you might be regarding some issues in your home, please be wise so as not to allow the devil who is seeking for ways to destroy marriages to get at yours.

I know of a couple who the last time they had sex was a month ago. The wife who has made some financial demands to her husband has decided not to give him sex until he has met her demands. So being unable to presently meet the wife’s financial demands, he has gone without sex for a month. What a pity!

As a couple deciding not to have sex for a period of time is not the same as starving one’s spouse sexually. Of course, for one reason or the other, a couple may not have sex in days or weeks, and that’s fine. I have gone about two months without sex. I wasn’t deprived by my spouse. It was our decision, so we were both fine and very normal.

Take or leave it, in marriage, sex is a very important aspect that no partner should trivialize. These days, in an unprecedented fashion, little or no sex in marriage can upset it. A starved spouse could take it as a license to go and have some outside their matrimonial home. Please don’t allow that happen in your marriage.

These days, as predicted in the Bible as the signs of the end times, Satan through his agents is busy sponsoring all kinds of sexual stuff online and offline. These days, the sexual appetite in most people is on a record high. People are exposed to sex, sex and more sex. Believers are not exempted to it, so it will be unwise as a believer to starve your spouse sexually. No matter your differences, please talk things over with your spouse and resolve all your issues. In fact, let a very hot and electrifying sex seal the settlement.

Dear spouse, don’t deprive your spouse of sex just because you both are having a fight. It’s not ideal. A word is enough for the wise.

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