Today’s Health Tips: OFFALS (INU ERAN)

Today's Health Tips

Offal, known as Inu Eran in Yoruba language refers to all edible organs of the animal apart from the (fleshy) meat. These include lung, liver, kidneys, spleen, small and large intestine, heart etc.

👉Have you ever wondered why the inner part of any animal is quite oily or fatty when you cook and the skin part does not produce much oil?

No doubts, parts like liver are nutritious providing essential nutrients. Having said that, consuming these internal organs without caution is dangerous to ones health.

👉Consuming these parts excessively you ll notice a bloating reaction or weight gain from your body. This way you can quickly check your excesses. Other groups of people that concern me most are those who indulge in this habit and yet no commiserate weight gain or protruded belly is seen. Such individuals face more serious health complication in years to come.

The Slim people are usually affected more than visibly fat people, they hardly take caution of there intakes as dey are been deceived by their small stature.

👉Cholesterolamia is a serious condition which causes blockage of arteries and could later degenerate to the shutting down of the heart in severe cases.

A lot of people would recognise the common phrase Fuku Elegusi. It is even considered a delicacy for some sellers and consumers, as it is said to “last longer in the mouth” as opposed to the normal lung that has a shorter chewing.

Alas, Fuku Elegusi, is a serious health hazard for those who buy, cook, and consume it. The animal from which such fuku was harvested would be slaughtered and destroyed. But let’s come back to our reality.

Now, what are the health implications of Fuku elegusi?

Fuku Elegusi comprises the visibly infected parts of a lung that has been previously infected with tuberculosis. It is usually harvested for public sale and consumption from a butchered animal that had a chronic case of tuberculosis.

Therefore, consumption of Fuku Elegusi presents a high, direct risk of getting infected with tuberculosis. Note that these infected parts can also be found in other organs such as liver, intestine and kidneys.

Meats are a very good source of dietary protein. Also, meats are rich in fats which are key in performing certain functions in our body. Meat are high in fats and excessive consumption (especially the red meat) have been found to increase belly fat. The concentration of this saturated fat is found mainly in the internal organs of any animal.

In many cases, when an animal has an ongoing infection or disease, the evidence of this infection can be seen in the affected internal organs of the animal’s body. This include all the offal products as listed above.

👉Total abstinence or eradication is not what am driving at but to consume in moderate proportion….. in fact they are nutritious. Too much of it is bad . Everyone knows when he/she consumes excesses.

*PROTECT YOURSELF!!!* It is important that for your own health and safety, you must watch out for infected meat/offal and avoid them AT ALL COST.

Note that cooking your meat does not kill all pathogens as some pathogens remain resistant to heat and can still be transmitted to humans by consuming the infected meat.


By Dr (Mrs) Lopsam.
Naturopath/ Acupuncturist
Consultant @ Lopsam Natural Health Clinic.
Watsapp: 08038177268

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